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Water Supply


With a wide range of experience in water supply systems and related projects in Australia and Southern Africa, Vosloo Consulting Engineers foster our water supply capabilities and as one of our core strengths and continuously strive to improve our knowledge of hydraulics and water transfer systems. 

Our water supply capabilities are summarized below. 


  • Water supply system planning including water master planning

  • Water supply network analysis

  • Water infrastructure detailed design and documentation

  • Trenchless construction technology methods

  • Pipe material selection, coating and lining specifications and pipeline protection systems

  • Pipeline structural design including pipeline anchorage and installation design

  • Hydraulic design including pipeline sizing, temperature and fatigue de-rating

  • Water infrastructure upgrades and replacements including detailed fitting schedules and specifications

  • Pumping systems design including rising main design, pump selection, and civil site works complete with structures and appurtenances

  • Transient analysis

  • Pressure management systems including design of Pressure Booster Pumping Stations, Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) and other Control Valves (CV) and appurtenances

  • Water efficiency studies including loss management, leakage detection, revenue and non-revenue water, water balances, distribution areas, pressure management and water audits

  • Contract administration and construction monitoring services including but not limited to construction inspections and certification of constructed works, as-constructed drawings

Vosloo Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd is a Pre-Qualified Supplier of Queensland’s Local Buy Engineering and Environmental Consultancy Services Contract LB312 and can be engaged under the VendorPanel arrangement.


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